Fuel Off-Road wheels and associated products are sold through a network of authorized retailer/installers.  We do not sell directly to consumers and all price quotes must come from an authorized retailer/installer.  To find an authorized retailer/installer in your area, please check http://fueloffroad.com/dealers.cfm

We do not address warranty claims directly with end users.  All warranty claims and installation issues must be handled by the authorized dealer/installer that you purchased your products from.
Responses to other inquiries will be via email only.


How can I access front locking hubs?

Fuel Center Caps are 2 piece caps.  The top section of the cap with the Fuel logo is removable allowing access to the front locking hub.  See an example here.  

Where can I buy FUEL OFF-Road wheels?

Our wheels are available only through our extensive network of authorized dealers.  To find the authorized dealer nearest to you, please visit the FIND A DEALER page.

How much do wheels cost?

Fuel Off-Road wheels are only sold through authorized dealers.  To obtain a price from the nearest authorized dealer, please refer to our FIND A DEALER page

I have a problem with my Fuel Off-Road wheels?

All warranty issues are handled and processed through the authorized dealer you purchased your wheels from.  Please take your vehicle back to your authorized dealer for assistance.  Fuel Off-Road wheels will not address issues without authorized dealer involvement.  

Where can I get replacement parts for my Fuel Off-Road wheels?

All replacement components are available from the authorized dealer you purchased your wheels from.

How do I clean my Fuel wheels?

Keeping your Fuel wheels clean will extend the life of your finish. Never clean the wheels when they are hot, and only use mild automotive soap and clean water.

I ordered a set of wheels.  Can I get a tracking number?

Fuel Off-Road cannot provide tracking information on an existing order. Any updates on your order status, including tracking information can only be provided by the authorized dealer where the original purchase was made.

What is the mileage or wear warranty on FUEL tires?

Fuel Off-Road tires are manufactured with proprietary compounds to provide maximum performance on and off the road. Fuel tires do not have an implied tread wear expectancy or warranty, as conditions and usage varies among users.

Is the bead lock ring removable on the Trophy (Series D551 & D552) and Anza (D557 & D558) styles so I can paint it?

The faux bead lock ring is not removable on the one piece cast Fuel Trophy or Anza.  Many customers have used a local automotive painter or powder coater to further customize their Fuel wheels. Modifying the factory Fuel finish on your wheels will void your existing finish warranty. 

The D116 ANZA is a true bead lock with removable bead lock ring.  Please be aware that true bead lock wheels are intended only for off-road use only and are not to be used for street or highway driving. 

Does Fuel Off-Road sponsor vehicles?  How do I get sponsored?

Fuel Off-Road has no remaining sponsorship openings.  For high visibility vehicles that are featured in national magazines or televised media outlets, we have partial sponsorship programs available.  Show circuits and blogs are not eligible for sponsorship consideration.  For more information on this program please use the contact us form.

How much do your wheels weigh?

Information about Fuel Off-Road wheel weights and other technical information is available at FUELOFFROAD.COM.  Select the FUEL wheel that you are interested in and click the tech specs link.

What is the load rating on Fuel wheels?

Information about Fuel Off-Road load rating and other technical information is available at FUELOFFROAD.COM.  Select the FUEL wheel that you are interested in and click the tech specs link.

Can I get custom colors or finishes on Fuel wheels?

We do not offer custom finishes on our one piece and two piece, cast Fuel wheels. We do provide custom finish options on Fuel forged edition wheels. For more information, contact your local Fuel dealer.

Can I get pictures of my vehicle on your site’s gallery?

We love to see Fuel products in action.  Submit photos of your vehicle with Fuel products by using our Gallery submit form.   Please, no before and after pictures, we only want to see the “after” photos.  

Will Fuel Deep Lip wheels work on my vehicle?

The Fuel Deep Lip series wheels are designed with aggressive offsets and in nearly all  cases require the vehicle to have an aggressive aftermarket lift kit. For more information on Fuel deep lip series wheels, contact your local Fuel Off-Road dealer or your suspension/lift kit installer with your specific application.

When will the Fuel _________ be available?

Fuel Off-Road is on the leading edge in off-road innovation, for new product releases stay up to date through our social media outlets, including  Facebook, Twitter, You tube and Instagram. If you have a question about a current style contact your local Fuel Off-Road dealer.

How do I become a Fuel Off-Road authorized dealer?

Fuel Off-Road is always looking for quality retailers to team up with. Use our dealer sign-up page and a Fuel representative will be in contact with you.  

What are the correct lug nuts for my vehicle?

Your authorized Fuel retailer/installer should offer the correct lugs for your particular vehicle.  Stud size and length and center cap clearance all play a factor in determining the correct lug nuts for your application.  Your authorized Fuel retailer/installer is best able to inspect your vehicle, analyze your needs and recommend the correct lug nuts. 

What should I torque my Fuel Off-Road wheels too?

We recommend using the factory torque specs that can be found on the driver side door jam or your vehicle’s owners manual. Please re-torque your wheels after 25 miles and 100 miles respectively.

I lost the key to the wheel locks.  Can you provide a replacement?

Fuel Off-Road does not manufacture lug nuts or wheel locks.  These are sourced and supplied by your installer.  Some locks all use the same key while more premium products use proprietary codes and patterns for replacement keys. Contact the retailer  that installed your wheels and tires and they can assist you in ordering a replacement key.

What is the difference between your one piece and two piece Fuel wheels?

The one piece wheel is much like it sounds.  It is cast from a single mold to form a solid one piece wheel. The two piece construction parts are cast in a similar manner but as two separate parts, the center section and the outer, rim portion.  The center and the outer rim are then bolted together once all of the machining and finish options completed.  The two piece construction allows for a finish variance / contrast between the center and the rim.  This allows us to offer high quality finish and color options that are simply not achievable with a one piece wheel. 

What is the difference between chrome and PVD chrome?

The primary difference between traditional chrome and PVD is durability.  The PVD finish has a slightly darker hue but is very similar in appearance to chrome.  PVD is the acronym for Physical Vapor Deposition.  Sometimes referred to by its slang name “sputtering”, it most closely resembles a painting process.  The PVD finish is less susceptible to corrosion due to severe weather or coastal conditions.  Care should be taken to wash with mild soap and water ONLY.  Do not use chrome cleaners on PVD finish wheels.

Still have a questions?

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These products can expose you to chemicals including chromium, nickel and lead which are known by the State of California to cause cancer, or birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information please visit: www.P65warnings.ca.gov